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childcare reimagined

Wholechild’s adaptive facilities have been purposefully designed by educators to create play-based learning opportunities to develop the ‘whole child’ in accordance with our Curriculum’s Five Foundations of Development and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our centre is equipped with abundant play spaces and natural resources for children to roam and explore.

whole of child development.

A baby’s brain begins to develop before birth, and by age three, there are more neurological connections than at any other stage of life. These neurological connections determine a child’s potential abilities.

By the time a child reaches adolescence, half of these neurological connections will have been lost due to not having been used. By way of example, in a child not exposed to creative pursuits in the Early Years, the creative neurological connections will be ’pruned’ and, as an adolescent, that child will have less creative ability. Put simply, either we use it or lose it!

This is why the Early Years are the most important period of learning and development in a person’s life.


A holistic and balanced approach to children’s development is vital to their well-being, learning and personal growth. In order for a child to thrive in all areas of life, we focus on developing the whole of the child in the early formative years to give children the best possible foundation for future success.

We also recognise that every child is an individual and our approach is one that nurtures each child’s unique individuality through play-based exploration, investigation and inquiry specific to each child’s individual learning style. Five Foundations is a multi-dimensional curriculum tailored to each individual child according to their specific developmental needs across the five key areas of brain development.

Social | Emotional | Creative | Cognitive | Physical

preschool program.

In our Years Three-Four and Four-Five Preschool Programs, our Curriculum focuses on the fundamental elements of school readiness by sequentially developing the skills, abilities and dispositions to thrive in school.

Wholechild recognises school readiness can look very different for individual children and children of different preschool ages. Wholechild has designed age-specific preschool programs referencing Wholechild’s Five Foundations of development that aim to provide children with the fundamental skills required to reach each developmental milestone in context with confidence.

wholechild early learning is expanding.

With our swift expansion underway, check our locations to find a Wholechild centre near you.